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Sound familiar?

Common Barriers to Performing at your Best


Attributing success to luck despite your hard work & you feel anxious you’ll be found out?


Nasty inner voice always there to belittle you, crushing your confidence & esteem?


Feel capable of much more & like a failure you’re not further along in your career?

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I’ve been where you are...

Meggan Camp, Certified Breathwork Guide

Though I was professionally accomplished, I always attributed my success to luck despite my hard work. It spurred me on to keep trying to prove myself but every time I reached a goal, I had to try and convince myself that I deserved it and project confidence that I could do it. I wasn’t happy in my home or work life but kept pretending that I was. After the alcohol-related death of a dear friend, everything fell apart.

It was during this time that I found Breathwork and not only did it allow me to deal with my grief but I was able to cut the cord on toxic relationships, improve confidence for real…and go from falling apart to figured out. I knew others could use this type of support so I became a Breathwork guide myself and now help people just like you to confidently step into living well and loving it.

Signature Coaching Program

Dare to be More Signature Coaching Program

In my 10 week program, Dare to Be More, I’ll personally guide you along the path to get what you want from work and life. We’ll clarify the vision you have for your future, uncover the actual obstacles holding you back, and put a plan into action that will move you from frustration and doubt to confident and content. Confidence is within you, but sometimes you simply need an expert guide to show you how to unlock it. I’m here for you and ready to get started. Click below if you are too.

Ready to begin?

Three Steps to Perform Your Best & Live Life Fully


Get started by booking your Dare to Want More Strategy call by clicking below


I’ll help you map out a step-by-step plan to clarify what you want and how to get it


Together we’ll put the plan into action to reach your goals & know you deserve it

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